Squid is perfectly printable with UV and eco-solvent technologies. When printed, it offers a double-sided effect and becomes a high-end alternative to frosted and one-way vision films.


A unique print medium

Squid is the only print medium in the market that is self-adhesive, transparent and textile woven. As such, it offers the Architect or Designer a highly qualitative and stylish way of branding or personalizing offices, retail spaces, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, homes, ...


Digitally printable and cuttable

Squid is suitable for UV printing and eco-solvent. Latex printing is due very soon. Finishing or the cutting out of designs into Squid can easily be achieved with a laser cutter or flatbed plotter.


Elevating commercial print applications

Squid’s versatility and simplicity have already made it a big hit in the interior design and architecture markets. The print market can now take advantage of the beauty Squid generates in order to elevate commercial print applications.


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